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ILI Detection and Measurement of Elevated Stresses at Crack Locations

 Novitech’s Micron IDD-SM® sensor technology is changing crack integrity management. This new methodology of stress measurement facilitates more accurate ranking of crack severity.  As shown below, the AMFL responses to circumferential stress corrosion cracking (CSCC) remains constant while the responses from the IDD-SM sensor technology clearly shows the increasing signal amplitudes as the applied bending […]

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Novitech Debut’s Their New 8” Micron ILI® Crack Detection Tools at PPIM2022

Our Micron MFL based crack detection tools with dual geometry & IDD-SM modules have taken pipeline inspections to the next level.  Novitech’s industry leading AMFL tools can sample over 600x per square inch & our CMFL tools can sample over 1000x per square inch.  When coupled with dual Geometry & IDD-SM modules, a combined sampling […]

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What sets Novitech Inc. apart from other ILI companies?

When using our technology, you can get more data from just one run, with the use of MFL + IDD to reliably discover cracks in the process of pipeline inspections. We are thrilled to announce that we have made it into the top 5 contenders at PPIM regarding innovation awards, and we ask that you […]

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Pipeline Inspection and Engineering

Modular ILI Tool Technology

Novitech's in-line inspection tools come in 10 standard configurations. Our experienced technicians' can quickly convert these tools from one version to another onsite and in just a few hours.

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Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Our most advanced data sets that include A and CMFL, Geometry, IDD, and IMU Mapping results can be delivered in as little as 30 days for preliminary and less than 60 days for final reporting

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Engineering and Integrity Services

Novitech is uniquely positioned to offer a full range of pipeline engineering and integrity services either directly, or through Campos EPC.

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Operational Advantage

At Novitech, we take great pride in our operational advantages. These include, our customer centric and comprehensive approach to field execution, supported by our highly qualified and knowledgeable field technicians. Also included as part of our standard inspection service package is our fully equipped transport trailers, that double as mobile field workshops, maximizing project efficiencies

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Research and Development

From crack detection to mechanical damage, to advanced metal loss sizing, the evolution of our Micron ILI Technology®, and data analysis is ongoing and continuously evolving to meet the ever increasing demands of the pipeline industry.

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About Novitech

Novitech is an industry leading in-line inspection service and technology development company.

We are focused on the continuous development of our Micron ILI Technology® tools with an emphasis on exceptional service. Launched by Campos EPC, Novitech was founded with the experience driven expertise demanded by the oil and gas pipeline industry.