Simply put, no other in-line inspection technology can match Novitech’s data collection, sizing and reporting capabilities. Novitech’s in-line inspection technology is driven by our vast industry experience, and very advanced research and development.

Pipeline Inspection and Engineering

Modular ILI Tool Technology

Novitech's in-line inspection tools come in 10 standard configuration. Our experienced technicians' can quickly convert these tools from one version to another onsite and in just a few hours.

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Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Our most advanced data sets that include A and CMFL, Geometry, IDD, and IMU Mapping results can be delivered in as little as 30 days for preliminary and less than 60 days for final reporting

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Engineering and Integrity Services

Novitech uniquely positioned to offer a full range of pipeline engineering and integrity services either directly, or through Campos EPC.

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Operational Advantage

At Novitech we take pride in our operational advantage including our industry leading project assement, our mobile field operation work shop to help minimize project delays

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Research and Development

From crack detection to mechanical damage, to advanced metal loss sizing, the evolution of our Micron ILI Technology®, and data analysis is ongoing and continuously evolving to meet the ever increasing demands of the pipeline industry

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