ILI Detection and Measurement of Elevated Stresses at Crack Locations

 Novitech’s Micron IDD-SM® sensor technology is changing crack integrity management. This new methodology of stress measurement facilitates more accurate ranking of crack severity. 

As shown below, the AMFL responses to circumferential stress corrosion cracking (CSCC) remains constant while the responses from the IDD-SM sensor technology clearly shows the increasing signal amplitudes as the applied bending force increases from zero through to 64% of SMYS. 

We have over 120 field and metallurgical verified CSCC detected and sized using our Micron ILI Technology®. The probability of detection (POD) and probability of identification (POI) for these verifications has been found to be greater than 90%. 

Our work now includes looking at axial, and off angle cracking. Crack monitoring can also be considered as an integrity management option with the precision and repeatability of AMFL, CMFL, Geometry and IDD-SM sensor systems (#SCC, # CSCC). 

For more information, please refer to our 2022 PPIM paper “Detection and measurement of elevated stress associated with CSCC“ or contact us at 

Novitech Debut’s Their New 8” Micron ILI® Crack Detection Tools at PPIM2022

Our Micron MFL based crack detection tools with dual geometry & IDD-SM modules have taken pipeline inspections to the next level. 

Novitech’s industry leading AMFL tools can sample over 600x per square inch & our CMFL tools can sample over 1000x per square inch.  When coupled with dual Geometry & IDD-SM modules, a combined sampling density of over 2000 per square inch, can be attained.

Our IDD-SM sensors arrays a 0.200” (5mm) resolution that have been designed & optimized to detect elevated stress at both axial & circumferential crack locations. This innovation, allows crack detection with a POD (probability of detection) & POI (probability of identification) greater than 90%. 

The new dual geometry modules, allow deformation inspections with a resolution of 0.400” (10mm) which is the highest resolution that has been achieved in the industry.

Come by and visit us at booths 514-516 on Tuesday February 1st, through Thursday February 3rd at George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston TX.

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What sets Novitech Inc. apart from other ILI companies?

When using our technology, you can get more data from just one run, with the use of MFL + IDD to reliably discover cracks in the process of pipeline inspections.

We are thrilled to announce that we have made it into the top 5 contenders at PPIM regarding innovation awards, and we ask that you consider voting for us, through the PPIM website
 This innovation, provides operators with an in-line inspection solution for the detection and sizing of CSCC
(Circumferential Stress Corrosion Cracking)
Visit us in booths 514-516 February 1st for a look at our newest technology and for more information please visit us in the exhibition hall on February 3rd at, George R. Brown convention Center, Level 3, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010.

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Novitech and Campos EPC Collaboration

Novitech and Campos collaborate to make another PG&E project successful. Inspecting a very challenging 12 by 16” dual diameter 30 mile long line segment successfully, in just three days with three different tool versions, that included Geometry with IMU, AMFL with Geometry and IDD sensor systems, and CMFL with Geometry and IDD senor systems tool versions.

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2021 SGA Engineering Innovation Awards

Last week Xcel Energy and Novitech were one of the three finalists for the Southern Gas Association Engineering Innovation Award. 

It was a great honor to just be nominated and among the three finalists with TC Energy, and Southern Star. Our congratulations to the winner Southern Star for their work on Merging Data Analytics with Asset Management. 

I want to thank our collaborators at Xcel Energy and the entire Novitech Team for their continued work to develop our Circumferential Stress Corrosion Cracking (CSCC) technology. 

We are very please to announce that our advancements on detection and sizing of CSCC are now being applied to both Axial orientated and off angle SCC.

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Novitech’s 16″ Micron CMFL Tool

Novitech Displays it new 16″ CMFL tool at PPIM in Houston. This state of the art CMFL tool has 1152 primary sensors and can used with AMFL, Geometry, IDD and IMU modules.

The version 10 of this 16″ tool brings the total number of sensors on board to 1,984. All these systems together can reach a sampling density up to 2,000 per square inch.

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